Ceramic Installation

Industrial ceramics provide excellent resistance to sliding abrasion. They are widely used in mineral processing plants, bulk materials handling installations, pulverized fuel pipe lines, or any applications where steel or other materials are insufficient in resisting the wear caused by the materials flowing over them.

By installing ceramics, the life of steel is prolonged, saving money and increasing the time between replacements resulting in higher productivity and lower downtime. Ceramics are less than half the weight of steel, reducing the weight of lined components, reducing the risk of injuries and material damage during handling.

Moffatt Supply & Specialties sources the highest quality ceramic tiles from various manufacturers world wide. Tiles with Al₂O₃ content of 90% and 92% are typically used. Other grades of alumina are available if required. With our experienced installers we can line any shape imaginable. For tiling of repeat shapes, we use pre-engineered tiles. These are tiles shaped to fit standard shapes, like elbows and cones.

Depending on the application of the installation, different bonding methods are used to hold the ceramics in place. Silicone based adhesives are used when ceramic lined parts are installed in applications where higher temperatures are expected. For standard slurry applications in mineral processing plants, epoxy based adhesives are generally used. Tiles can also be installed with mechanical means. Tiles can be bolted down, or even “welded” to the surface of the steel it will be protecting.

We carry the following Ceramic Installation product types:

  • Cyclones
  • Ducting
  • Elbows
  • Grain Chutes
  • Piping
  • Process Equipment
  • Tanks